The Idaho Potato Drop

With 2019 being the end of a decade, we wanted to do something epic and memorable for New Year’s Eve.  We settled on an event right in our own state capitol of Boise, Idaho.  Since our state is famous for potatoes, what better item to drop on New Year’s Eve, but a giant potato.  So off we went to Boise for the 7th Annual 2019 Idaho Potato Drop.  This event is held on the grounds of the state capitol, it is free and you can come and go as you please.

The drop is sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission so of course the truck with the giant potato was there, along with the mascot affectionately known as Spuddy Buddy.

The event starts at 3:00 pm with family activities.  We arrived at 7:00 pm, just in time for the ski jumping competition.  This was an interesting event…snow was brought in to form the ramp.  There was a 4 foot wide runway of snow that the skier stood on, while holding a pulley.  The skier was pulled toward the ramp and at the last second let go of the pulley, went up the ramp and completed the jump.

With the skiing done, a lite drizzle falling, and about 4 hours til the drop,  we headed to a nearby establishment called 10 Barrel Brewing.  In honor of the Potato drop we had a dish called Idaho Candy, which was baked smashed potatoes with a mustard sauce…yeah they were that good.  We ended with pizza.

We walked back to the capitol grounds and enjoyed the ice carving as well as a news report, which Jim photo bombed 🙂 There was also musical groups like Country Lips.  Our only complaint was that many of the groups were not from Idaho.  The last two were from Washington and Canada, both decent but it is the IDAHO Potato Drop.

With midnight and a new decade approaching, we got ready for the drop. The count down was projected onto the capitol dome.

At 17 seconds the fireworks started and the potato started it’s “drop”.

With 2020 here and the potato down, the “french fries” appeared in a box on top of the stage.

Then we had awesome fireworks…what a sight with the capitol in the background.

To end the show, the potato was raised back up and it was steaming like a good Idaho Russet does when you bake it.

It was a great evening and an wonderful way to ring in the New Year with a great Idaho tradition. This is going to be hard to top, but we just might for 2020!!!