No Parents Allowed…Kansas City

We have a great advantage when it comes to travelling, we own a construction company.  This allows us great flexibility.  Recently, we had a project delayed due to some design issues.  We had a free week and some extra Southwest Airline Reward points, so we put them to good use.  Our 2 grandchildren live in Iowa, 1,300 miles away.  We try to plan at least one No Parents Allowed trips each year.  We weren’t sure we were going to be able to work it in, but the opportunity presented itself, so we jumped at the opportunity.  Given the short notice, we settled on something close to Iowa…Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.

This is a resort with an indoor water park.  We chose a cabin suite.   The rooms have a wilderness theme. Admission to the water park is included in your room charge.

We added on the Paw Pass so that the kids could play the MagiQuest game.  This is a cross between Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, and Clue.  As part of the package, we got wands, magic toppers, and a belt.

We completed 9 Quests and 1 Adventure (we really needed our son Jade along to complete the other adventures, as it took abit of techno knowledge) and qualified for Senior Magi.  Whitney and Wyatt had a blast, searching for the clues and using their wands.

The water park is open from 10 am to 8pm and we spent about 15 hours over 3 days.

The kids especially enjoyed the small obstacle course. It took a few tries for Wyatt to succeed.

Whitney did awesome as well.

We loved the lazy river…

The water slides were pretty awesome as well.

One of the days, we spent 9 hours at the water park, so we rented a cabana. This was a great option, as it gave everyone a place to relax and the fridge was stocked with soda.

The best part about the water park was the “Bucket Dump”.

Great Wolf Lodge has character Meet and Greets…

Our Paw Pass included points at the arcade.

We brought Mac-n-Cheese cups, which were a huge hit, but the ice cream from the Paw Pass was pretty cool as well.

As awesome as Great Wolf Lodge is, we couldn’t go to Kansas City and not eat barbecue.  We settled on the award winning Slap’s. It was a short distance from downtown Kansas City. Wow it was really yummy.

There was a Pajama dance party and a Mario Kart competition.

All in all, our spontaneous NAP adventure was a huge hit!!!  We wanted to do at least one educational thing, so on the way home we visited the Kansas State Capitol building.  Watch for our next post!!!