The month of May…Iowa Style

We live in Idaho, one of our daughters lives in Iowa.  We own a construction business and at least once a year, we travel back to help them remodel their home.  What started as a small, “lets add a shower to the bathroom” has turned into a complete remodel of their home.  This time we went to finish our granddaughter’s bedroom and add a deck to the front of the house.  However, we always have to look for a bit of adventure.

First, the projects at Jodi and Wade’s house…we added a cover to her walkway and started on the deck.

We finished a bedroom for our granddaughter

We bought a motor home.  Since most motor home manufacturers are in the Midwest, you can save the transport fee by buying from a Midwest dealer.  We also were able to negotiate a deeply discounted price.  We had a fifth wheel however, not everyone in our family felt comfortable pulling it.  This will be a much better fit and we can use it as a job site office for our construction business.

We played games, enjoyed barbecue(twice), and ate Graham’s ice cream.

We went to the Avengers movie

We enjoyed T-ball and softball games

We met with a family history expert, who helped us with computer issues and lots of questions.

We went to an art class

We shot off rockets

Oskaloosa has an old style Arcade.  You pay $10 a person and you get a free play on all the machines.

Last but not least, we attended an Iowa Barnstormers game. They are an indoor arena football team.  It was Star Wars night, so we all got light sabers.

Arena football is fast paced and lots of fun to watch.

At halftime they had Corgi races…oh my it was fun to watch.  Some Corgis obeyed much better than others.

The Barnstormers won on at last second play and we had celebration on the field.

It was time to head to Osky…but the Force was with us.

Adventures doesn’t have to be big or even planned.  Sometimes you have to go with the flow and take what presents itself.  We tried to squeeze as much fun as we could.  someday, the work will be done on the house and we can just play.