South America – Amalia Glacier

We enjoyed a leisurely day “At Sea”.  At around 4:00pm we were told to prepare for our visit to Amalia Glacier also known as Skua Glacier. This is located in southern Chile on the edge of the Sarmiento Channel in the massive Bernardo O’ Higgins National Park.    From 1945 – 1996, it retreated over 4 miles to approximately it’s current location.  It was breezy and chilly and Jim soon learned that he should have dressed warmer.

Amalia is a tidewater glacier and is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.  We could see the ice field glaciers in the distance.

We began to notice small chunks of ice in the water…

We caught the first glimpse of the glacier

The glacier is 13 miles long and covers 61 square miles.

We were not the only guests enjoying the view…

We were excited to capture the moments spent at the glacier.

There were many small bits of ice in the water around the ship.

The ship sent out one of the small boats, with the photographers and video crew.

It was interesting to watch the boat be lifted back into place on deck 7.

While the boat was in the water, they grabbed 2 pieces of ice that were estimated to be about 2000 years old.  In Alaska, we were told that it takes 10 feet of snow, 10 years to make one foot of ice.  So with a glacier as big as Amalia, the ice is probably that old.  Even though they didn’t look that big, they were very heavy.

We grabbed a few final pictures…

We then headed to deck 12 so we could “pose” with the ice.  Well it is not everyday that you get to touch something that old.

To end the evening…our daughter’s all went to a school called William Penn University in Iowa.  Their women’s basketball team made it to the National tournament, so in honor of them we had our picture taken by ship’s photographer.

Unfortunately William Penn lost, but we were cheering from the Southern Hempishere!!!