South America Cruise- Cape Horn

After our great day in the Falkland Islands, we had 2 days at sea.  However, one of those days we would be sailing around Cape Horn.  We love sea days, as they allow you to rejuvenate and also experience some of the activities on the ship.   After a leisurely day on-board, we decided to go to the Crab Shack for dinner.  This was only offered twice on this cruise itinerary.  There was an extra cost for the dinner, but it was worth the price and it was also a belated anniversary dinner.


We had an appetizers of shrimp and hush puppies and a modified Manhattan Chowder. We each chose a different “steamed pot” and then we had cheesecake for dessert. WOW!!


Over the 2 Sea Days, we enjoyed a hilarious game show with the cruise staff, a horse race in the Atrium, and some great music.


The ship had a biologist/destination specialist on board.  His talks became standing room only but they gave us good information about Cape Horn.


Our ship came into view of Cape Horn on March 7th at around 4:00pm.  Cape Horn is the southernmost land of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago/group of islands of Chile.  It is located on the small Hornos Island.  Although it is not the most southerly point of South America which are the Diego Ramirez Islands, Cape Horn marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage and is where the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans meet.  It was discovered and first rounded by the Dutchman Willian Scouten, who named it in honor of the city of Hoom in the Netherlands.


It was very windy and a bit cold even for us. It is the only time in cruising, that we have felt like we were going to be blown off the ship.  Making our way to the front of the ship was quite a feat.  It was hard to stand and even harder to take a picture.


As we neared the island, we could see the Chilean weather lighthouse.  There is also a monument to the thousands of seafarers who perished attempting to sail around the cape and the tiny Stella-Maris Chapel   The Drake passage is considered some of the most dangerous water in the world. (The close up of the lighthouse was from our destination lecture).  The caretakers of the lighthouse, put up a flag to welcome our ship.  The ship sounded it’s horn three times in return.


This is when our picture package came in handy.  The ship’s photographers were on deck and we took full advantage them.  It captured the view for about half way around the island of Cape Horn, the east and northern sides.


We circled the island in a counter clock-wise motion.  There are interesting and distinctive rock formations on the north east corner of the island.


Once we got on the western side, the wind was once again pretty ferocious.  Most everyone, including the ship’s photographers went inside.  We did not want to miss a moment of this experience, so we wandered the deck and took our own pictures.


The water was rough, but the landscape was breathtaking.


We knew that once the ship rounded the island to turn east, that the front of the ship would be nice and calm.  We made out way back forward and were rewarded.  No wind and only two other people.


We finished this adventure off with a kiss…and we thought we were pretty good to do it with a selfie.


We had sailed around the entire island of Cape Horn.  This is quite a feat for a cruise ship.  We were told by the staff that sometimes, the ship will only go to the lighthouse point and then turn around.  As much as we would have liked to actually walk on Cape Horn, we were still excited that we were able to see it.  We were especially excited when the next day a Cape Horn certificate was in our room!!!20190308_201419

What an experience.  Some fellow cruisers did not think it was that big of an accomplishment.  We have come to realize that any milestone is to be revered.  Our 6 year old grandson had asked, “Since we were going to the bottom of the world, would we have to stand on our heads?”  So we are pleased to report that, “No, Wyatt, we did not have to stand on our heads”.

We ended the night with hot chocolate, a game show and a Whitney Houston Tribute show…what a Great Day!!!


On to Ushuaia, Argentina…