Thanksgiving and So Much More…

Sometimes, you have to step back from creating an adventure and just enjoy the journey. Jim is originally from California, moving to our home state of Idaho when he was in junior high.  He still has family living in Central California.  It had been awhile since we had visited and our new son-in-law had never been to that area so we decided to spend Thanksgiving east of San Francisco.  Due to work and college schedules, we weren’t able to leave until Tuesday afternoon.  We drove as far as Reno, spent the night and then headed to Nevada’s capital, Carson City.  Jim likes to think it is named for his family 😉

After Nevada became a state in 1864, construction was started on the capitol building in 1869. It is one of the few state capitals without a true rotunda. However, the hallways are adorned with a mineral mural.  Mining being a major reason people moved there in the 1800s and one of the main reasons for it’s statehood.

In the entry, there is a statue of Sarah Winnemucca.  She was the first Native American woman author, there is also a town named after her.

The Battle Born Museum just opened in 2018.  It is a fantastic hands-on area that tells the history of Nevada.

Nevada gained the name of Battle Born since it became a state during the Civil War and entered as a Union ally.  There were displays with the statehood papers

And exhibits on mining.

The original Supreme Court Chambers were interesting.  There were audio stories of the most notorious cases from the early days of Nevada.  We even got to sit on the “bench”.

In 1843 John C. Fremont explored the area and named the nearby river for his guide Kit Carson.  As the area grew, the city took on the river’s name.

After learning about the history of Nevada, we headed toward Lake Tahoe.  This is a large fresh water lake located on the Nevada-California border.  It is known for it’s beaches, ski resorts, and casinos on the Nevada side. It also has beautiful landscape.

Everyone had to get in a pose…

And an action pose as well…

Cave rock is an interesting feature.  There is a dual bore tunnel through the rock for the highway.  To the Washoe Indian Tribe the rock is considered scared and activities are restricted out of  respect.

We stopped to get pictures at the state line with Jerie and Chris trying to figure out where the line would be so they could straddle it.

As we continued onto Highway 88, we went over Kit Carson Pass.  Jim could not resist stopping and getting a picture since it was named after his very, very distant relative.

On top of the pass, there is also a monument as Kit Carson carved his name in a tree.  The tree is no longer there.

The drive down the eastern side was beautiful and we even found some hoodoos.  Dirt formations formed by erosion.

The history of this area is formed from explorers, pioneers, and the gold rush.  We explored a side road and ended up on the Mormon Emigrant Trail.

The weather took a wintery turn and we decided to head to Aunt Shirley’s and Uncle Mike’s a bit early.  We enjoyed pizza with Jim’s relatives, and Aunt Shirley had put chocolates and the WiFi information on our pillows. We even had fancy soaps and shampoo in our bathroom. It felt like a 5 star hotel.

Uncle Mike is an excellent cook and we couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to see what he had planned for dinner.  Preparations started in the early morning.  Jade learned how to make cheesy cauliflower and creamed onions. The table was beautifully set.

Uncle Mike did not disappoint us, wow it was awesome!!!

Aunt Shirley had put table favors that contained Thanksgiving jokes, a small game and a crown.

We then played a game of bingo, where we chose envelopes when we won.  We were told each envelope contained different denominations of money.  We could switch our envelope with someone else in hopes of winning the coveted $100.00.

Aunt Shirley tricked us and every envelope contained $100.00…we love Aunt Shirley!!

We then played “Wrap the Turkey”.

Followed by an intense game of spoons and a hilarious version of Guesstures.

It had been an awesome two days of great food, lots of laughs, and memorable moments. The next part of our Thanksgiving trip would take us into San Francisco…


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