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“No Parents Allowed” Universal Studios Day 2

When we planned our No Parents Allowed vacation with our 2 grand kids, we were a bit worried about them being homesick for their parents.  Obviously we were having way too much fun as so far we had not had one mention of home. We headed for the park and started on the Universal Studio side.  We ran into Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.  Whitney and Wyatt were not impressed but we were excited.  These were the cartoons we watched on Saturday mornings.

We encountered a Sponge Bob street party…

Then we had fun with the Penguins…

We rode the Simpson Ride and chased aliens at Men in Black.

With our park hopper pass we jumped on the train in Diagon Alley to head over to Islands of Adventure.

Whitney and Wyatt were just as excited to “look” out of the train window as they were the day before.

We even had Harry and his friends, along with “evil” characters, walk by our the train window.

The day before we had an unfortunate incident at Revenge of the Mummy.  Wyatt made it easily through the first 2 height checks, but just as we were boarding the ride, they pulled him aside and did another check.  After what seemed like an eternity they rejected him and we had to leave the ride.  We down-played it and told him that he didn’t want to go on that ride anyway, but he was devastated.  So before even attempting to go on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, we asked that a supervisor give the okay for us to proceed. We made it on the ride and after we asked Wyatt if he had fun…”Yeah, but I liked Transformers better”… LOL

There is one ride in Islands of Adventure where an adult has to be accompanied by a child.  It is the Pteranodon Flyers.  The wait time was 60 minutes and there were announcements about impending weather that could shut the ride down, but we decided to wait in line anyways.

Just as we got up to the ride, it was shut down for lighting in the area.  We then had a small rain storm.  The ride operators gave everyone the choice to stay.  Since we were protected from the rain and all the other rides would be shut down or the indoor ones crowded, we decided to stay.  It was about an hour wait, but we enjoyed talking to all the ride operators and even got front of the line passes to another ride, plus an additional ride on Pteranodon. (However, Wyatt did get a bit grumpy during the wait)

We loved the Pteranodon Flyers.  We were told after a rain storm they are particularly fun, as the guide rail is a bit slick.

The kids wanted to play in Camp Jurassic, which was a good way to wear off some energy after our long delay.

As a group we voted and decided to use the front of the line pass at Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

They weren’t so sure about it at first, but were troopers and smiled at the end.

Next it was The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man and here we are doing our best Spider-man impression.  This is an awesome 3-D ride that Wyatt and Whitney loved.

We had done everything we could do without getting wet, which we were saving until Saturday.  We left Universal and headed to Downtown Disney.  When our daughter Jerie worked at Disney World, we fell in love with Blaze pizza.  It is so yummy!!

Whitney and Wyatt had brought their allowance money, so we walked through the Disney Store, until we found the perfect souvenir stuffed animal.  Then we hit Swirls, the best ice cream in Orlando, and ended with a quick dip in the pool.

With Whitney and Wyatt along with the Disney animals safely tucked into a pillow fort, it wasn’t long before they were all sound asleep.  Another day of adventure had come to an end in Orlando….