Summer and Fall Fun…2018

We own a construction business so summer can be a hectic time, but we trying to squeeze in as much adventure as we possibly can.  We  had a few big  trips planned, but still tried to make time for some hometown and family fun.  One of our favorite summer adventures is to ride our UTV in the Heise foothills near our home.  We had relatives visiting from California, with their granddaughter, so we borrowed an additional UTV.  Aunt Shirley made sandwiches for lunch and we were ready for adventure.

We split into 4 and 4, with our borrowed UTV having a modified seat.

Our first stop was an view of Kelly’s Canyon Ski Resort from the opposite side of the canyon.

For lunch we went high on the cliffs above Heise and the Snake River for a great view.

There had been rain the days before we went so it was time for abit of mud bogging.

Our borrowed ATV with it’s modified seat, was having an issue with bottoming out.  So a minor ‘REPAIR”  and adjusting for weight, solved the problem

We headed down to the river through a swampy access road.  There were some pretty views, a bald eagle, and a rock in the wall.

Obviously, the road was not too bumpy as Jade fell asleep in the front seat.

We finished the day at Big Juds, because no trip to Idaho is complete if you don’t eat a giant burger for dinner!!IMG_20180602_184957657

Our friend Clark,  has exchange students during the school year.  Just before Vitor went back to Brazil, we took a trip to Island Park so he could have abit of adventure. We stayed at Clark’s cabin on the shore of Henry’s Lake and we played a “mean” game of Spoons.

We went in early June, but the weather was perfect for our kayak and canoe trip down the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. We call it the Big Springs float because the river is formed from a large spring.  The float starts at the old railroad bridge and continues to the take-out below the Mack’s Inn bridge.

We stopped at our son in laws family cabin to fish…well some of us fished. BONUS, it was free fishing day in Idaho, so you didn’t need a license.  Vitor spent most of the time looking for his lost sunglasses under the dock.

It had been an awesome day on the river and we topped it off with ice cream.

The middle of June we flew to Michigan for a graduation.  Our son, after a 4 year hiatus went back for his last semester and received his engineering degree. We had family meet us for the big day.

It was a proud moment, first for him going back and second as he is the last of our 4 children to get their college degree, not bad for 2 blue collar parents.

We finished the celebration with dinner and Jarsma cookies from Iowa.

Jim and Cindy attended the Chicago concert in SLC.  Chicago was good but they really went for REO Speedwagon. “Keep on Loving You” was awesome!!!

In between adventures we had to squeeze in some work in the Teton Valley, but we rewarded ourselves with burgers at the Brakeman in Victor on the way home.

We went on a big adventure to Washington DC for the 4th, but continued our hometown fun with a quick trip to Boise for a Sheryl Crow concert.  Her singing, Soak up the Sun, made the 10 hour round trip drive, completely worth it.

We celebrated 26 years of our construction company with a quiet dinner.

Jodi’s family then drove out from Iowa and we had 12 days of fun  but there was too much adventure so that’s in another blog,  titled “A Steinlage Adventure in Idaho”.

We wanted one more kayak trip before summer was over, so we met again at our friend Clark’s cabin and then floated the Henry’s Fork.  It is a good float for people who don’t kayak much.

We started at the old Railroad Bridge just below Big Springs on the Henry’s Fork.

The scenery had changed since we were here in early June. The August day was absolutely perfect with just a hint of a breeze. Cindy’s sister and brother-in-law where good sports all day and kept us laughing.

Unfortunately their kayak has a small crack and filled with water, causing it to tip but made for an interesting draining process.20180811_142447

You can’t help but enjoy lunch when you have a  great view…

We spotted a mama moose and her calf,  a bald eagle circled above us, and 2 cranes

Jade was our refreshment guy, carrying the cooler on his kayak.

It was just an awesome afternoon.

That evening we drove into West Yellowstone, MT. We ate at Buckaroo Bills and then attended the play Newsies at the Play Mill Theater.

Living in a warehouse, gardening is a challenge, but we do pretty good on our patio. It was fun watching the plants grow and enjoying the produce.  During August, we also enjoyed a birthday celebration with Jim’s dad on the Sandpiper patio.  We had the biggest mud pie for dessert!!!

We attended a Montgomery-Gentry concert at our state fair. Before the concert we enjoyed the delicious Tiger Ears.

We saw M&G preform at the Iowa State Fair in 2006.  This was the first tour since the untimely death of Troy Gentry.  The concert was cut abit short, as Blackfoot sits at about 4400 feet and Eddie Montgomery got a bit of altitude sickness. Even with a shortened concert, it was still great.

It was a good way to end our summer in Idaho.  We headed to Iowa over Labor Day to pick up the grandkids for a getaway to Florida.   In Idaho once Labor Day is past, fall is on the way. which meant we needed to finish some work projects and also help some friends.

In October we drove to SLC and attended a Jimmy Buffet concert with all the “Parrotheads”.

The opening act was Caroline Jones.  She recently signed a contract with Buffet’s recording company.

It was a fantastic concert, and in true Jimmy Buffet fashion, he performed barefoot.  You could tell that he and the Coral Reefer Band, really enjoy what they do. They have been preforming for 45 years.  Our favorite song was his version of Southern Cross.

It had been a wild and wonderful 5 months, with many memories made and great adventures experienced.  We have many more things planned…we can’t wait!!!