A Steinlage Adventure in Idaho…Week 2

The Steinlage family had only been in Idaho a week, but we had already enjoyed one fun day after another.  To start their second week, we picked apricots for jam,and we got a lot of apricots. Whitney and Wyatt had a great time and loved their Sonics “snack” as a reward.

That evening, we drove to West Yellowstone to watch the production of the Little Mermaid at the Playmill Theater.  Wyatt didn’t want to go, and said he wouldn’t smile or laugh, but he changed his mind and was all smiles after the play.  Before the play, we went to the local candy shop and watched as they cut the taffy.

The next day we borrowed jet skis from a neighbor and headed to the nearby Snake River. There is a very calm area of water known as South Tourist Park.

We were riding up under the Pancheri Bridge and a local photographer captured some pictures of us, asked for our email and sent them. How cool is that…

We swam and played in the calm water until it started to get dark.

It was another perfect night in Idaho…

On Wednesday, we had an” Adult Only” adventure to Boise for a ZZ Top concert.  Tim Montana was the first act.  Jodi went and met him and got his autograph.  He was really good!!

ZZ Top was excellent.  Boy can they play guitar.  The trio of Dusty Hill, Billy Gibbons, and drummer Frank Beard have been together since 1970.  Wow…we will never hear their songs and not think about this concert.

After our Boise adventure we had to help Jade. He was in charge of a video scavenger hunt for his local church group.  He needed to test his program, so we gathered together our family, split into teams, and had an evening of fun around downtown Idaho Falls.

We had an afternoon of flying gliders. It was tons of fun, but it took some time to learn the correct way to throw them.

Our last adventure with the Steinlages was ziplining at Heise.  We brought along Great Grandma Carson, so our group ranged in age from 5 to 76.

With our equipment on and Oskaloosa, Iowa pinned on the map, we were ready to go.  We hoped on the UTV for our trip to the first zipline.

This would be a first for Grandma Carson.  Due to weight, Whitney and Grandma zipped together on the first line.  Whitney was ready to go and “pulled” Grandma off the platform.

Even though it was Wyatt’s first time, he wasn’t scared, only disappointed that he had to go with his Dad.

We went through 5 zips quickly..

Zip 6 and 7…

After Zip 7, you hop on the UTV and ride up to Zip 8.  This is a side by side zipline, also the tallest and longest on the course.

Wade kept us entertained with dance moves throughout the afternoon.

After Zip 8, you go back and repeat 6 and 7.  Since we had already done these, everyone was relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

It was all smiles as we rode down the mountain…it was a great afternoon.

Our guides were awesome. For as varied of a group as we were, they were patient and attentive.

Unfortunately, our Steinlage adventure was coming to a close, but we enjoyed a meal at Tom’s Gyros and visits with Great-Grandparents.

The time between visits seems like forever, but the time that we get to spend with them goes so fast.  It was an exciting 12 days…can’t wait for our next adventure.