Our Bear World Adventure-2018

Near our home in Idaho, is a nature park, that is home to many of the animals you might see while visiting Yellowstone National park.  However, by visiting this park you are guaranteed to have a close-up view of the wildlife.  In April, a local radio station runs a buy one get one free promotion for tickets to Bear World.  These are sold out within days, so knowing we would have two groups visiting during the summer, we bought one of the packages.  This allowed us to have a car-load of 6 people enter the attraction.  It includes a drive through viewing, the amusement rides, and the petting zoo.  Each time you go, it is a different adventure…

Trip #1 – June…Our great aunt Shirley and Uncle Mike brought their granddaughter, Cassie,  on vacation.  Our first stop of their visit was Bear World.  We started at the visitor’s center where Cassie put a pin on the map for her town in California. (Cindy was having problems with a camera, so some of the pictures are a bit “bright”)

There is a small pond with a bridge where you can feed trout and a few ducks

The visitor’s area contains information about Yellowstone bears.

It also has an area to view the bear cubs born this year.  The cubs are born beginning in January, during the mother’s hibernation.  The animal keepers take the cubs at 8 weeks old and they become the momma bears and begin developing a relationship with the cubs.  Guests to Bear World can pay extra to bottle feed the cubs.

We elected to take the Wildlife Excursion tour.  You ride around the park in an elevated bed of a large truck.  Guests are given trays of appropriate food to feed the animals.

The guide told us about the park and the animals.

We stopped to feed the elk, but it was a warm afternoon and they were more interested in sitting beneath the trees.

Mountain goats and deer…

There were grizzly bears

And black bears of all sizes

After our tour, we enjoyed the petting zoo

We went on a few of the rides and had a quick snack.

So ended our first trip to Bear World for the summer of 2018.  We would be back in July with our second group of “tourist”

Trip #2 July – our Iowa family were visiting so we used the free portion of our Bear World ticket.  It was 6 weeks later, the bear cubs would be bigger and hopefully the animals would be a bit more active. Jodi put here pin in Iowa and we took a bear family picture

Whitney and Wyatt enjoyed feeding the fish and of course the ever present ducks.

The bear cubs had gotten big in 6 weeks…

We paid for the Wildlife Excursion.  We received our food trays and started on our journey.  Our guide told us that 2018 is Bear World’s 20th anniversary.

The bison were close to the road this time

And the elk were much more active

We were even able to get an up close look at the Rare White Elk.  It was born at the park in 2007.  It is a genetic condition which causes a reduction in pigmentation.  It is is called leucism and unlike albinos, it has no unusual eye color.

The park has a sprinkler system to water the pastures and one elk found relief from the heat by laying on one of the heads.

The bears were again fun to feed.

We enjoyed the petting zoo…feeding the deer, the march of the ducks, and the potbelly pig.

At the far end of the petting zoo, the moose made appearance on the other side of the fence.

Whitney and Wyatt wanted to ride some of the rides, we had to hurry as it was about to rain.

Bear World is a good option to see wildlife up close. With our discounted ticket, each carload (up to 7 people) was $45.00 and the Wildlife Excursion was also $45.00 for our group.  It is a pretty good deal considering all of the activities that you are able to enjoy,.