Our Washington DC Adventure-Day 9 Hershey Park

When we started planning this trip, we knew that in making an 8 year-old and a 5 year-old walk around the Washington DC area exploring historical sites, that we would have to have an awesome reward at the end of the week.  We looked at several different options and finally settled on HersheyPark.  This is an amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The park had an early bird special with a discounted price.  A one day ticket also came with the option to enter the park for 1 night for the last 3 hours, for free. So we got a discounted ticket and free time as well.

After our day at Fort McHenry, a crab lunch, and Wilbur Buds, we headed to the amusement park and were greeted by Krackle.

There were fast rides…

And slow rides…this is the Sunoco Speedway.

We had fun talking through pipes

It had been a fast and furious day and going to the park for the evening had given us a handle on the layout of the park.  As we left the park, we were very excited to spend the entire day at the park on Saturday. But before leaving, Wyatt and Whitney just had to ride one last ride…

The next morning, we got to the park bright and early

The day was full of parades and games shows.

We decided to ride the Pirate.  As we stood in line, Wyatt wasn’t so sure.

He was even more unsure once we got on the ride, but we coaxed a smile and were off.

It was a lot of fun and by the end we had a big smile.

The Frontier Flyers were fast and exciting

An afternoon street party with all the Hershey characters was a pleasant surprise.

We enjoyed our train ride around the park

Some of us went on the Wildcat roller coaster…

while Jodi and Wyatt rode the ferris wheel.

We had a great time at the Laff Trakk.  Waiting in line was half the fun.

The fun house mirrors were very entertaining

The black light effects were awesome.

Laff Trakk was a huge success

We split up again, as Wyatt wasn’t tall enough to ride Lighting Racer


but Jodi made good use of the time and won a prize.

We convinced the Steinlage family to go on Tidal Force.  We had done this ride years ago and you get wet…well soaked is more accurate. It is a short ride, there is a trip up…

And a trip down…

And then you get wet…

HersheyPark has a great system so that you know which rides you can go on by height. Unfortunately Wyatt was only a Reese’s, so we made a big deal about his rides so that he didn’t feel left out.

Jade and Jim enjoyed some “big kid” rides…

Wyatt played a game and we ate dinner…apparently the fries are famous, they were pretty good.

Jodi is not a big rollercoaster fan, but we convinced her to ride the Storm Runner.

We went on the log ride…several times!!!

At the Sunoco Classic Cars, we learned about the Pennsylvania Turnpike as we stood in line.

We were trying to fit as many things in to the last little bit of our day. We had purchased the HersheyPark picture package, and we loved all the ride pictures

The Carrousel is a classic and we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride a horse.

It was built in 1919 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and is known as PTC #47.  It was moved to HersheyPark in 1944 after operating at parks in Baltimore and Auburn, New York.

As we were leaving the park, the Hershey characters were available for pictures.  You can’t pass up a picture with chocolate!!!

Whitney and Wyatt had trip money left-over and they chose their own Hershey characters.  The adults opted for a sweet souvenir instead.

What a great time we had at HersheyPark.

We were exhausted after our day at the park, but we still had one more day to go on this adventure!!!