Idaho Outdoor Adventures-June 2017… Heise Area

About 45 minutes east of our home, there is an area called Heise.  There is a pool, hot pools, zip lines, a golf course, and camping area.  The back-country past surrounding Heise is a treasure trove of off-road fun.  We finished work early and decided to enjoy the afternoon.



Just past Heise is the Kelly Canyon Ski Area.  It is strange seeing it in the summer.  This is where our kids learned to ski.

We parked in the Y Junction parking area.  Took a picture of the map, just in case!!

We were ready to go, with no real plan. We followed the road and took off toward the plateau over-looking the Snake River.  The view and flowers were nice.

We got off on a trail that seemed to be getting smaller as we drove.  At one point we were on a hill so steep, that we were all leaning so as to not tip the UTV.  As the trail exited back onto the road, we saw the sign…now why was that not on the other end of the trail.

So we made another try at getting to the plateau and encountered the domestic wildlife of Idaho.

The views of the Snake River and Heise below were worth the drive.  You can just barely see the zipline tower of Heise.

Of course we had to take selfies, Jade’s conquer the world, and Jerie contemplating her last few days in Idaho.

We drove around the back side of Kelly Canyon and headed up the road along side the Snake River.

The landscape was beautiful and interesting.

As we drove towards Black Sand Canyon, we found a nice little waterfall, some pretty pink flowers, and a pair of Bald Eagles.

Unfortunately the sun was beginning to set and our adventure was coming to an end, so we headed back.

The sunset views were spectacular…


We had 3 fantastic outdoor adventures in the month of June…Big Southern Butte, Heise and the Snake River Canyon, as well as our drive over Beartooth pass.  We put together a short video of all three trips…ENJOY!!!

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