A Trifecta of Concerts…

We love to attend concerts, but the cost can be over-whelming.  When we hear about a concert “close” to us, we go to the venue website and locate the ticket seller.  We avoid the re-sale sites as the price for tickets is usually double or even triple the face value.  Floor seats are nice, but you end up standing most of the time and this can make it hard to see the stage.  We prefer, if possible, to get tickets in the stands on the first row.  If we want to stand we can, but it is not necessary to see the stage.  Remember…no matter where you sit, you are in the building and that is what counts.

The first concert was in Bozeman, MT to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  This is about 4 hours from us, so we decided to stay the night. We left at noon from Idaho Falls, checked into our hotel and then headed to the downtown area to eat before the concert.  We checked local reviews and settled on a Korean barbecue place called the Whistling Pig.  This was kind of funny as a Whistling Pig is also known as a prairie dog.




We have no idea what the names of our dishes were, but it was really good and the service was fantastic.


The concert was at the arena at Montana State-Bozeman. At this concert we were near the back, but it is a small arena so every seat was a good seat, especially the light crew!!


The opening act was Chris Lane.


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s tour is known as Soul 2 Soul…


They came out and sang together…


Then Faith sang several of her solo songs…


Then Tim came back and sang his solo songs…


They finished the evening with several more of their duet songs.


It was an awesome night.


On the way home the next day, we saw mountain goats along the Gallatin river.img_20170521_103041185.jpg

Two weeks later, Jim and Cindy headed to Boise, Idaho – 4 hours to the west.  The kids didn’t want to come as it was an “old” singer, John Mellencamp.  In high school, we knew him as John “Cougar” Mellencamp.  We guess when you get to be 70 you drop the nickname and are just glad to still be touring.

We left at 2pm and with construction on the interstate, we took the back way through Arco.  We are glad we did, both Jim and Cindy, have never seen more than a trickle in the Lost River drainage.  The flow, shows how much snow we got this year.  The Lost River is interesting, as it comes out of the Mackay Reservoir and flows out into the desert and disappears into a sink hole.  The best guess is it flows in the aquifer and comes out at Thousand Springs near Twin Falls.  Jim couldn’t resist touching it, given that it is an unusual event to see it at this spot.



This concert was at the Boise botanical garden, which is located next to the old Idaho State Penitentiary  Ironically, the amphitheater is called Outlaw Field.


The first performer was Carlene Carter (June Carter-Cash’s daughter).  She was followed by EmmyLou Harris.


Now John Mellencamp sings really good songs, but we drove all the way to Boise for one song….Jack and Diane…and we just had to buy the shirt!!


The concert was superb and ended with a beautiful sunset.


We drove straight home to finish up some work projects.  Two days later we were headed to Billings.  We had a friend loan us his cabin in Henry’s Lake for Saturday and Sunday nights.  We couldn’t just take the cabin for free, so we decided to do some of his yard work.


Never being a family to just idle the time away, we headed into West Yellowstone for dinner and a play.


Gushers was a great place to eat.  We shared nachos and a pizza and it was more than enough to feed the four of us.  The service was excellent as well.

There are numerous shops in West Yellowstone, since it is near the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  We like to go to the candy shop, which also has a Christmas store,  We saw this sign and we all laughed.


We headed down the street to the Playmill Theater and saw Peter and the Starcatcher.  It was very entertaining.  Jade and Jerie especially enjoyed it for all the puns.



We headed back to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.  The next morning we drove to Billings for the Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood concert.  Due to the popularity of the concert, several additional concerts were added.  They would be performing at 3pm and 7:30pm.  Therefore there was no warm-up act.

We have never heard a crowd so excited for a show to start…

He looked like he was having so much fun, and this was his 4th show in 3 days in Billings.

Trisha Yearwood came out and they sang a duet.

She then sang her solo songs.  The best one was, “How do I Live Without You”, from the movie Con Air.

Garth came back out and he played and sang, and played and sang.  The concert was almost 2 1/2 hours long.  And, he another concert in an hour and half.  We learned one funny thing from Garth Brooks….he said that a selfie is when you take the picture with only you in it.  When there are several people it is called an Usie…one last usie!!IMG_20170611_142132449

We don’t know if we can ever duplicate the concert trifecta that we experienced in such a short time.  No matter what, it was AWESOME!!