The Great Inflatable Race….

Every once in a while you sign up for something that you aren’t quite sure about.  We had noticed the announcements for the Great Inflatable Race.  It looked fun and different but the price was $75.00 per person.  Then we heard about a special, $20.17 per person. This included the race, t-shirt, and a medal for finishing.  We can hike and walk forever, but we aren’t big into running.  We decided to enter and just have fun, go with the flow, and take our time.

There were starting times, every 1/2 an hour beginning at 9am until 11am. We figured all the “fast” people would go at 9am and we didn’t want to be the last to finish so we chose the 10am.  We asked our friend Jen to come along, she is wearing the pink socks.

The first obstacle was a climb and then a slide.

You ran or walked quickly in between each obstacle.

On the train wreck, Cindy fell down and another racer fell on top of her.  Jade caught the whole thing on video.

The obstacles were hard to run through, as they really bounced you around, but it made for lots of good laughs.

We got photo-bombed by the racer in front of us.  She had a shirt on that read, “I run so I can eat cake”.

The novice was not as easy as the name sounds…

The River was especially tricky. When another person was on the obstacle it would bounce you up and then you would sink and fall.

We seemed to have more problems with the tubes…Cindy literally “bumped” into a classmate from high school.  What a terrible way to say hello.

We made it to the finish line and received our medals.

It was an awesome non-competitive activity, with no official times.  There were a few bumps, bruises, and mat burns, but we laughed the whole time.

If you want to watch our video click here to see it on our Facebook Page.