New York City-Day 5-6…The Circus

When we heard that Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus was closing down, we knew we had to attend one of the last performances.  They had 2 travelling tours, the traditional circus show and the Out of This World show.  The one that worked with our schedule was the Out of This World.  The theme was:  circus meets Las Vegas, meets ice capades, then put in a storyline.

Our show was in Long Island, New York.  There were lots of activities in the foyers of the arena.  souvenirs, food, face painting, and exhibits.  

Cindy had forgotten her telescopic attachment for her phone, so the pictures are not perfect, but still show the events of the afternoon.

There was a count-down clock and the show started with a space theme and acrobats.

It was insane to see motorcycles and unicycles on the ice.

We then had the entrance of the evil Ice Queen, who stole the clowns and sent them to far away planets.

The Lions and Tigers then took center stage….

High flying acrobats…

Ice skaters…


The motorcycles in the Globe of Death….

Unicycles in the center ring….

When the pigs and poodles came out, Jim leaned over and said, “Now it is a real circus”.

The clowns have escaped and are trying to make their way back to earth.

Acrobatic tricks on speeding horses in the far ring.

The Grand Finale…everyone makes it home safely and the Ice Queens cold heart is melted.

It is sad that the end of an era is ending.  The two circuses were merged in 1919.  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was known as the “Greatest Show on Earth”.  In recent years, due to concerns over the animals, cities no longer allowing tents, and rising operation costs and low attendance, the decision was made to close.  We talked to several performers and they are heart-broken.  Many already have jobs with other smaller circuses, but they feel as if they are losing their family.  One worker told us that when they left South Carolina, a line of cars followed them for 20 miles.  We were glad we came and saw this circus one last time.


It was a cold, rainy day on Long Island, so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring.  We headed toward the Hamptons.

Hunger got the best of us, so we looked up places to eat and settled on Bostwicks.  It was delicious!!  We had soft-shell crab sandwich, chowder, fish tacos, and crab cakes.  Unfortunately the rain and wind increased, so our sight-seeing was cut short.

We did make a brief stop at the Belmont Race track.  We have visited Churchill Downs in Kentucky, so we guess we need to go where the Preakness is held to complete our Triple Crown.

The next morning, we headed to the airport at 4am.  About 1/4 of a mile from the rental car office, we got a flat tire.  We tried to quickly change it, but no luck, so drove slowly into the rental lot.  We were making a terrible flapping sound.  The lot attendant came over and said, “Did you get a flat tire?”  Lol…it was pretty obvious, but it made us smile.  Even with the delay, we made our flight.  LaGuardia has a nice shuttle system for the rental lots and the hotels have great shuttles for the airport and subway stations.

We had a wonderful time in New York.  We saw, learned, experienced, and enjoyed so many sights.  Once all commented that it was fast and furious, but so worth the effort.  You could tell we had tried to do everything we could in a very short time, as we were all asleep before the plane even took off.