Day 14 Europe 2016-Munich

After a full day of sight-seeing in Vienna, we boarded the train at 8:55pm to Salzburg, Austria.  Arriving around midnight, we had a 4 hour lay-over.  Thought we could at least look around.  We walked out of the train station, and the bus area and benches were full of homeless people sleeping.  So after a bit of discussion, we decided to stay in the station and see if we could catch some sleep. The floor of the station was fairly clean so found a hallway and settled in.  About 2 hours later it got really cold as the wind was blowing down the stairs from the train platforms.  Moved to the waiting area, but very crowded and noisy for 2am, so moved to the platform to wait for our train.  There was an enclosed heated waiting area and we were the only people there.  However, we didn’t know whether to feel safe or nervous as there were at least 20 armed police officers on the platform. (Jim had to take a picture of the urinals for our plumber friend)

We got on the train to Munich and we were the only passengers in 1st Class, so we immediately fell asleep.  We woke up and realized the train had stopped and people were getting off, but we didn’t think it was our stop so we were about to go back to sleep, when Jim looks out the window and sees the Mucheun sign.  We scramble to gather our bags before the train leaves, jump off and then see the end barricade, at which time Jim loudly, announces, “We have arrived”.20160523_054822

We walked to the hotel and place our luggage in the storage hold area.  Since it was 6am and we couldn’t check in yet, we asked if we can sit in the lobby and wait for our tour at 10am.  We all found a chair and fell asleep.  Jerie and I woke-up to Jim snoring very loudly!!!  Soon after the hotel clerk, said that they had found us a room and they would let us check in early at no charge…lol…Jim should snore more often.

Went to the room and caught a 1 1/2 nap, so we were good to go.  It was cold and looking like rain. Was thankful that Jim had found us a hotel only 2 blocks from the station and 3 blocks from the Hop on Hop off bus stop.

We were delayed just a bit due to another bus getting into an accident, blocking the road.


The bus stopped at the summer residence of the family of Maximilien, Nymphenburg Palace, but there was a specific place we wanted to go, so we stayed on the bus.

The first Olympic games that Jim and Cindy remembered was the 1972 Summer games in Munich.  This is the Olympic stadium.  It is only 3 Euros to enter.  You can walk the entire stadium.  The hills surrounding the stadium are the rubble piles from World War II.

A very unusual roof system on the stadium.  You can pay to walk it, but it was very windy, rainy, and cold. The Munich games were supposed to be a crowning jewel for Munich and Germany.  Then there was the attack on the Israeli wrestlers.  It forever linked the city to tragedy.

The Olympic swimming venue, where Mark Spitz won his gold medals.  We spent about 2 hours walking the grounds.  We were glad we came.

Our next stop was across the street at the BMW showroom and museum.  We can only dream….Jerie tripped in the showroom and went sliding across the floor, her water bottles flying.  Yes it was a grand entrance that got everyone’s attention.

We caught the bus but had to sit on the top.  Wind was bad so didn’t hear much, but learned that beer is very important in Munich.  They even have a beer purity law that pertains to the production process.  The Pretzel was developed when a baker was given a death sentence unless he could produce bread that the sun could shine through 3 times.  We just enjoyed the city of Munich.

More of Munich…

Finally we had enough of the cold, rainy weather, so we hopped off the bus and did the touristy thing…went to Hard Rock Cafe.  It was nice to sit in a warm place and enjoy a meal.  Jim had a coupon for a souvenoir, but they said that a food purchase didn’t qualify as a purchase.  He persisted abit so they gave him a plastic zippered pencil bag…we had a good laugh, but it does say Hard Rock Munich.

While waiting to catch the bus, we did abit of exploring in the city center.

Back on the bus, we saw more of Munich downtown.

At the finally stop, we went to the department store Kardstat.  It is a lot like Macy’s except it had groceries in the basement.  There was a toy store on the top floor, with train sets.  Jerie fell in love with the stuffed animals, especially a white dog and the plastic play figures.

It had been a full day, and we were ready for bed.  Our train leaves at 7:30 in the morning, Switzerland here we come!!!

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