Las Vegas 2017

Once a year, we have a week-end getaway with our adult children.  This year we chose Las Vegas. It is easy and inexpensive to fly into using either Allegiant or Southwest. The last time we were there, we had everyone get a players card at the Gold Coast.  This is a casino/resort that is just off the Strip.  With a player’s card you get a discount at their buffet, which is decent plus you can get discounts at their sister property the Orleans.  We have eaten at buffets on the Strip, but they are very expensive…$25-35 for the lunch buffet, where as the Gold Coast was $10 with tax.  Once we had the week-end we looked at concerts.  We like going to concerts in Vegas, as the arenas/venues are usually smaller, if you buy the tickets directly from the venue it is usually inexpensive, and they have some really great artists that we can’t see in our state.  We chose to see Cher on Friday night and Bon Jovi on Saturday night.

We chose to drive from Idaho, it is about 9 hours, but with 4 of us, it was less expensive than flying and we would have a vehicle, since we were staying off the Strip.  The Gold Coast had sent out room incentives for the time we were going to be there.  We got 1 night free and the other 2 nights for $39 a piece.  With taxes the 3 nights was $100.00.

While waiting for Jodi, we did a bit of shopping at the factory malls.  We picked up a nice suitcase.  When Jerie saw the pattern, she said, “Well you are getting of the age where that looks appropriate”.  I think she called us old!!!  In one of the malls, there is a Dole pineapple stand that serves Whips.  We have had the pineapple Whips in Hawaii, Disney World, and Las Vegas.  The Vegas one is a lot better than Disney World and very close to Hawaii.

Our daughter flew in from Des Moines, but her plane was late so we drove through the airport pick-up lane, 5 times while waiting for her.  We did have a group wave at us the last 2 trips.  Jodi, flew Allegiant out, but they charge for baggage, so she only brought a small back-pack, which is free.  She flew Southwest back where checked bags are free, so we sent two bags back with her full of presents for the grandkids, plus an entire suitcase of wood crafts to decorate her classroom.

The first concert was Cher and it was at the Monte Carlo.  To park at most of the casinos on the Strip, they charge $8.00 for over 4 hours. Walking in we had a nice view of the back of New York New York.  We stopped at the food court to share a snack of nachos.

We then headed to the theater.  They let us take our sodas in with us…but had to put them in a clear cup, but still nice.  Even the escalator to our seats was impressive

We had front row seats on the second tier, no one to stand in front of us and a decent view.

Cher has a show that is more like a Broadway production.  Lots of costume and scenery changes.

It was a mix of old songs from the Sonny and Cher days, to her solo songs.  Hard to believe she is 70 years old.

She even had acrobats, and more costumes.

It was a great concert.  It was after 11, so we headed to the food court next to the MGM and grabbed some corn dogs and the obligatory picture in front of the M&M store.img_20170224_220428699

On Saturday, we slept in and then headed to the Gold Coast buffet for lunch.  We took our time and enjoyed eating and talking.

We are not big gamblers, so decided to play the arcade games at Excalibur.  On one of the games, there was 5 of us and 1 other person.  You would think, 1 of us could win the Panda…nope!!

We walked to New York New York, and not knowing what time the concert would get over, decided to share some burgers.  We obviously were hungry as we had it half-eaten before a picture was taken.

On to the Bon Jovi concert. Not a bad view for the cheap seats section.

Bon Jovi had an on-line contest for up and coming bands.  Our band was Daring Greatly from Alberta, Canada.  It was their first arena show.  Pretty cool….a Dad, 2 brothers, and 2 friends.  They played some of their own music, not bad!!!

Bon Jovi’s concert was all about the music, no costume or scenery changes.

He did bring out his daughter for one song.  He ended with “Livin’ on a Prayer”.  Yeah, our kids grew up singing many of Bon Jovi’s songs and they sang along. What an awesome concert.

It was after midnight and the Gold Coast had a TGI Fridays with the endless appetizer special.  So we enjoyed some good food and conversation and got to bed at 3 am.  It had been a whirl-wind trip, but so much fun. Our said that we couldn’t have attended 2 more different concerts, that were both equally awesome.

We dropped Jodi off at the airport to catch her plane, and she met David Spade in the security line.  She said he was very gracious when she asked for a picture.3759

It is important to take the time, to enjoy those around us, even if it just for a short       week-end and there are easy ways to make it affordable.