A “Paid” Winter Vacation

People often ask us if we ever work because we travel so much.  Yes, we do work, we own a small construction business.  It allows us the flexibility to set our own hours.  When we have a project, we set the schedule to work a bunch of hours and then take a week or more off.  This past fall we were presented with a bit different type of adventure opportunity.  We were contacted by a cabin owner in an area approximately 2 hours from us.  He needed the basement of his cabin finished.  This meant sheet rocking, taping, and texturing it.  Since it was a bit of a drive and most of the work was to be done over the winter, we asked if we could stay at the cabin for several days at a time to avoid the drive.  He agreed but then added that when there was enough snow we could use his snowmobiles after work if we wanted.  We were like “Sweet”!!!  So we started the first part of November with having the sheet rock delivered.  There was no snow….YET.

When we went back to sheet rock the cabin the next week, winter was on its way. Not enough snow yet, but made for beautiful views.

The cabin was rented out over the holidays so we went back up to work in January.  It had changed a bit and we could finally use the snowmobiles after work.

The Island Park area has hundreds of miles of groomed trails and they are well-marked, making it easy to get around. We headed out on the snowmobiles for a place called Big Springs.  It is a natural springs that flows year round.  Because it was “after work”  the daylight was fading fast.  However we still got a surprise near the river.  There were moose and  they were not concerned at all with the noise of our machines, more interested in eating.

Even in the dark, Big Springs was beautiful and peaceful.  We enjoyed the ride back  to the cabin…

But had to stop for gas at Pond’s Lodge, where the snow was piled high and the Christmas lights were still shining bright.

It wasn’t all play, we did work, and Jerie was our “Camp Chef” for some of the days.

We had beautiful scenery and moonlit nights.


Since the cabin had satellite TV as well as internet, we decided to work on Super Bowl weekend and then stay and watch the game.  Jerie was visiting some friends at a nearby cabin near Shotgun store. (Named for the area not because they sell guns)  We were done for the day, so instead of driving to get her, we rode the snowmobiles.  The lake was frozen so we had a great time speeding across and it was a good short cut.

We took the long way back using the Community Trail.

Crossing the bridge at Mack’s Inn in the winter is always an interesting adventure as you ride on top of the snow on the walkway, but what a beautiful view.

There is a place in Ashton called Big Jud’s.  They have a huge burger that can easily feed 2-3 people and comes with fresh fries.  We stopped there one night on our way to “work”….YUM, well worth the stop.img_20170125_174458790

Island Park didn’t have a monopoly on snow this winter, back in Idaho Falls, we had our fair share.  The snow piles were HUGE.

We made one last trip to finish and clean up our project.  It was the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, so we hopped on the machines and headed to Mack’s Inn for some fajitas to celebrate.  However, the afternoon was beautiful and we just had to stop and take in the scenery.

The fajitas were delicious and we splurged with Churros for dessert.  They even came with warm chocolate and caramel dipping sauce.  We had one last view of the Henry’s Fork and headed to the cabin.

The next morning, we knew spring was coming as the snow was beginning to slide off of the roof.  img_20170211_115745894

It had been a great “PAID” vacation, in a gorgeous cabin surrounded by beautiful scenary.

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