Disney Photos

At Disney World, there are photographers at most character meet and greets, as well as on the streets of each park, ready to take your picture.  There are also attraction photos.  On average these pictures will cost $20.00 each to buy.  To simplify the process, Disney has the Memory Maker photo package which costs $169.00 not including tax. If you have a large group or are planning a longer vacation to Disney World, this is a great package to buy.  Knowing that our daughter would be at Disney World for 5 months and that we would be visiting several times, we decided to buy 2 packages.  The first we bought in September as you can go back 45 days from when you buy the package and 30 days in the future, to obtain the pictures. The second we bought in December. When the Disney photographer takes your pictures, they will scan either your Magic Band or a Photo Pass card.  The Magic Band is the simple way to obtain the pictures, or if using the Photo Pass card, try to put on one card.  The pictures will need to be down-loaded through the MyDisney Photo Pass website no later than 30 days after purchase.  We down-loaded approximately 1400 pictures, so the $338.00 price tag was well worth the cost, as buying these pictures separately would have cost $28,000.  We still took our own pictures, but it was nice to obtain the attraction pictures, as well as pictures with the whole group.

Enjoy a few of our character pictures….



Ride Photos…..

Picture perfect memories….

As you can see, we took full advantage of our picture passes.  We can now share them, with everyone in our family.