Christmas in Orlando-Part 1

With our daughter Jerie finishing up her college program at Disney World, we decided to meet as a family and celebrate Christmas in Orlando.  There would be 6 adults and 2 children.  We would celebrate Christmas and 2 birthdays.  We traded our time share week and obtained a condo with a kitchen so the cost was $129.00 for the entire week. Three of us flew, but we used Southwest Air reward points so it cost $11.00 round trip.  Our daughter in Iowa, drove down, so we didn’t have to rent a car, and Jerie obtained free park hopper passes for everyone. We did have to pay for our Magic Kingdom ticket, but Jerie used her discount.  So it was a fairly inexpensive vacation.

Since we were flying on the 24th, Christmas Eve, we thought we would be festive.  While sitting in the SLC airport, Jade broke one of his antlers…img_20161224_053425130

CHRISTMAS MORNING…when we are away from home for Christmas, we ask that everyone bring presents that are small and can be easily packed.  Everyone followed that rule except for Jerie.  Since she was in Florida, she had frequented the Disney employee store a bit too much.

Christmas Dinner-Jodi brought a ham down in a cooler and we had a modified dessert.  Swimming after dinner.

We celebrated Jade’s 26th birthday and Whitney’s 7th birthday.  So how do you combine a Raider fan and a Frozen fan into one party??

Party on…

We also did a wood ornament craft, so everyone could have a souvenir to put on their tree next year.

Along with some pretty intense games.

After two days of festivities and eating, we headed out early for our Park Hopper Day.  We started at the Animal Kingdom.

We love Kilimanjaro Safari.  It gets busy and we didn’t have a fast pass so we headed there first.

So much to see and hear…the lion roared for us and the Rhino gave us a close-up look.

Next we headed to the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  Everyone enjoyed watching the Gorillas.

Wyatt was a bit to small to ride Everest, so he went with Cindy to enjoy some rides his size.

We could all ride the Kali River Rapids.

We went to Bugs Life and left Animal Kingdom just before noon.  Stopped for a quick lunch at McDonalds, as it is less expensive to eat outside the park.  With Jerie along for the day, we were able to get free parking.  Once at Epcot, we split up.  Jerie and Cindy took the kids to meet Elsa and the adults went to Test Track.  They didn’t have a Fast Pass, so they hit the single rider line, but still ended up pretty close together.

While we waited for our Test Track riders, we enjoyed some of the shows and attractions.

We met up with the rest of our group and met Mary Poppins.

Tasted the Coke flavors from Around the World and took our last look at the Christmas decorations.

We were then off to Hollywood Studios to enjoy some rides and fireworks.  As we waited the Storm Troopers made an appearance.

The Star Wars fireworks did not disappoint.

We hit the Muppet Movie and Toy Story Mania.

We went on the Great Movie Ride and Whitney and Wyatt thought the gun battle was real and slid down on the floor.

One last ride on Rock n roller Coaster and we were done. It was a fun-filled day, with lots of rides, characters, and adventure.  We had one more day at Disney World, the Magic Kingdom here we come.

Our adventure continues in part 2.