Europe Adventure-Day 10…Prague

We caught a 7:00 am train from Berlin to Prague. We ate breakfast in the dining car, eggs, ham, and bread. Not bad and the price was reasonable.

The Prague train station is not in the best area of town and neither was our hotel.  It was an insane up-hill climb from the station to the hotel.  20160520_201747

We couldn’t check in yet, but dropped the bags in the “luggage storage”, which means prop it in the corner of the lobby.  So we secured all the bags together and headed back down the hill.  We had a tour scheduled for 2pm, which would give us a bit of time to explore and eat lunch.

We loved the food,Cindy bought a souvenir from one of the street vendors, and we watched workers vacuum a hotel, and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city.

The tour started with a driving tour of the city, which we should have paid more attention to so as to remember what we were looking at, but the buildings were interesting.

The bus dropped us off at the Prague Castle, where we walked through the courtyard to the church. The castle is one of the largest ancient castles in the world.

The stairs lead to the President’s residence and Kohl’s Fountain is in the Second courtyard. In the Third courtyard is the cathedral.

The castle complex sits on a hill, which gave us great views of Prague.  We then walked down the stairs to the river.

We opted for the wider stairs but there were several narrow alternatives…

The bridge over the Vltava River, was full of activity.  Lots of people and vendors, as well as unusually statues and manhole covers.

We walked back to the center of the city, past many interesting buildings.

We ended the tour at the Prague Astronomical clock.  It was installed in 1410 and is the oldest one still in operation. We arrived just in time for the hourly show of figures of the Apostles and a Death figure represented by a skeleton.  It strikes the time as well as displays a calendar.  Legend has it, that the city will suffer if the clock is neglected.We said goodbye to our guide, who was phenomenal, as she did the tour in 3 languages to accommodate everyone.

We were a bit mystified by converting dollars to Euros to the Czech Crown, so we ended up eating at a KFC to make it easier to pay.  We had a really nice clerk, who tried to help us get the best meal deal.  However, somewhere in the translation, we ended up with a ton of food.

We stopped and bought croissants for breakfast and headed to the hotel to collect our bags and check-in.  The clerk told us we needed to pay 84 Euros.  As I was looking for the confirmation number she shows Jim a credit card number and says is this yours.  No it wasn’t our number and she says, “okay, here is your key”.  Not sure what was behind the locked gate….

Very spacious room but everything was dirty, so wiped it down and pulled out our silk sleeping sacks.  We had booked a room with a bathroom, but we didn’t have one.  Clerk says they gave our room to someone else by mistake, sorry but can’t change.  It was all good as we were the only room “sharing” the bathroom, however, it had red toilet paper.  We decided that we got very spoiled with the hotels in Amsterdam and Berlin.  Went straight to bed, as we are meeting our tour guide at 5:00am to drive us to Poland and Auschwitz.

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