Europe 2016-Day 7…Amsterdam

The plan was to be up by at least 9, wash out our clothes in the sink so they could dry all day.  However, everyone assumed that someone else had set an alarm, and we woke up at 11:12.  We needed to be to our bike tour by 11:45 and we had no idea exactly where it was.  Not a great way to start the day, but an adventure it was.  We sent Jerie with directions as she can run faster than us.  I grabbed some granola bars and we headed out after Jerie.  She found the place and told them we were coming and stood on the canal bridge frantically waving.  We got to the place and they said, we moved this morning and you need to be to our new location.  I pulled out my reservation which stated that I was to be at this location.  So they arranged for some bikes, we ate our granola bars.20160516_115620.jpg

Arrangements were made to take us to the new location of Mike’s Bikes. Once there we were assigned our bikes for the day, as well as met our guide.

The bikes helped so that we could see a lot of the interior of Amsterdam but we would have liked a bit more information about what we were seeing.

We did pause at the Anne Frank House and Museum.20160516_132209  It is very hard to get tickets, but we were okay with a picture from across the canal.

We rode through the Red Light District.  You are not allowed to take pictures of the ladies.  They stand in windows in the front of their business and talk to prospective customers.  We were allowed to take a picture of the statue…but not to stop so it was a quick snap.20160516_123243

We rode to a park and looked at an abstract sculpture. At one time the park was home of a  long occupation by protesters, and as such has a post office.

We rode past and through the Breitner Museum.

We are not much in art, but could clearly see why Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North.

We were in awe of the canals.  We stopped at a local brewery, but since we don’t drink, we headed to the restaurant next door, under the large windmill, for a snack and a cola.

We returned to the bike shop and said good-bye to our bikes.  It was a good experience as EVERYONE in Amsterdam rides bikes.

Since we were in the Central train station we headed over to the canal tours.  We snagged a deal and took a canal boat tour.  Again not a lot of information on what we were looking at but a beautiful view of the canals.

That’s the Central Train Station behind the boat.

Clock towers, floating Chinese restaurant, and wonderful architecture.  We learned that the buildings have bigger doors and windows on the bottom and smaller on top as it make the building appear taller.  Also we looked at several buildings, do to the unstable, reclaimed ground they are built on, they are leaning.

And then there were the canals, from a different view…

We finished off the day at a sports bar, as they had several specials.  We had pasta, ribs, and a burger…comfort food.  Headed back to our hotel to do our laundry. We washed it in the sink and used the blow dryer to speed the drying process.  No time to waste, Day 8 was ahead of us.

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