Hometown Christmas Adventure…

We live in a smaller urban area in Idaho, but we have many awesome places to view Christmas lights.  Most people will post about their Christmas displays so that you can easily find them.  Many have gone to elaborate measures, creating their own radio station with music that is coordinated to the lights.  It is a real treat to see these holiday displays and watch the “magic”.  The private displays are free, but our city has a drive through display that costs $10.00.  This includes a visit with Santa and a horse-drawn wagon ride.  We dragged along our friend Jen and headed to the nearby town of Iona for the Belnap family display, our first stop of the night.

This display has approximately 220,000 lights, and several songs for a continous show.

They have even decorated their neighbors houses to add to the light show.

Next we headed to Freeman Park to the City of Idaho Falls drive through attraction.  This is more of an animated light display.

They have an area that pays tribute to the area’s pioneer heritage.

The horse-drawn wagon ride and Santa Claus visit are included in the price.

While you are waiting, you can buy a donut or just enjoy the fire.  In Idaho we use big barrels for fire pits 🙂

After leaving the Santa area, there is a nice patriotic display near our Vietnam War Memorial.

Cinderella and the Grinch….

The Night Before Christmas was the last display.

Our 3rd and final light show was on the west side of our town, at the Owen Family.  This is a funny one as they broadcast on 88.5 The Grinch.  Many optical lights that coordinate with the music.  There is limited parking and they ask that you be respectful to their neighbors.

A few more pictures from the Owens…

Check out the displays in your area.  This is a fun way to spend on evening during the holiday season.