Europe 2016 Day 3-Disneyland Paris

Since our daughter Jerie had accepted an internship at Disney World in Florida, we knew that we would have to go to Disneyland Paris (DP) and it’s sister park Walt Disney Studios(WDS).  If you are familiar with the Disney parks in Florida,  WDS is much like Hollywood Studios and DP is very much like Magic Kingdom.  We got a bit of a late start and we did not leave the hotel until 10am.  We took advantage of the croissants, pastries, and juice they provided, then headed to the train station.  It was about a 40 minute ride.  Once at the park, we bought the park hopper tickets, around 107.00 US dollars each.

From the air, WDS looks like Mickey Mouse’s head.  We went on Ratatouille first.  Wow, what a ride.  You sit in a car and you are the mouse in a kitchen that is trying to escape.  Next we went on Crush’s roller coaster.  The whole idea is that you have been swept into the East Australian current.  Next we headed to Toy Story Parachute drop and had to take the obligatory picture.

Next we headed to the RC Racer….

We did the Tower of Terror and our final ride in WDS was the backlot., where we saw a simulated earthquake.

By 2:00pm we said good-bye to WDS, as it was not busy and we were able to accomplish what we had on our list. We had taken some snacks with us, so we ate as we walked next door to DP.

Pirates of the Caribbean was our first stop with a quick selfie of Jafar.

We went to Indian Jones…

Then onto Phantom Manor which is the same as the Haunted House, except everything is in French and it was a bit creepy not knowing what was being said. Across from Phantom Manor is Adventure Isle which was under construction.

We had a great time in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth…

Jerie climbed the tower and got a great view of the park and castle

We spent some time in LePassage Enchante d’Aladdin.  This is a walk thru exhibit of miniature scenes from Aladdin.

We went on the Le Pays de Contes de Fees or the Canal Storybook ride.  It is miniature scenes from Disney stories.

We loved the castle and loved taking pictures of the castle.

Under the castle is La Taniere du Dragon.  This is an animated dragon that awakens to growl and blow steam.  There was a little boy who didn’t like the dragon and he yelled from the entrance, “Take a picture Mum and show it to me later”.  We laughed about that statement the whole trip!!!20160512_175851

Inside the castle are stained glass murals and tapestries of Sleeping Beauty.

We went to Small World and thought it was cool that there was a whole section on the USA, which we don’t get in the USA.  Also went on Space Mountain: Mission 2, a pretty intense ride!!


We loved the decorations around the park

We went on the Toy Story ride which is a favorite of ours when we go to Disney World in Florida

We enjoyed the parade from the steps of the castle.

For our final rides we went on Snow White, Pinocchio, the Railroad, and Les Mysteres of Nautilus, which is a walk thru underwater attraction.20160512_172556

It had been a wonderful enjoying Disney.  We did not stay for the fireworks, as we had a full day planned for tomorrow, but we did end the day like we started….with pastries.20160512_211005 On to Day #4…..

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