Mickey’s Christmas Party

We try to always be ready for an unexpected adventure.Our daughter Jerie is nearing the end of her internship at Disney World in Florida.She called the end of October and said that she had 5 park hopper passes, plus discounted tickets to Mickey’s Christmas party, plus we could watch the taping of the Christmas Special, plus she had a discounted character breakfast.  Okay that was way too much to pass up.  Used our Southwest reward points, found an inexpensive hotel and rental car and we were set.  We invited Cindy’s sister, husband and daughter.  What could go wrong we were in Disney World….

We should have known that this wasn’t going to be your typical trip, upon landing in Florida and waiting for Jim to return with the rental car, Bethany lost her gum.  We looked and looked as I didn’t want to step in it, found it on her Mom’s dress!!!

After getting the gum off the dress, we dropped the bags at the hotel, picked up our “tour guide” Jerie and headed to Disney Springs.  This is the shopping/eating area of the Disney park complex.  One of Jerie’s favorite places is Blaze Pizza.  For around 10 dollar, you can get a pizza with whatever toppings you choose.  Four pizzas was more than enough to feed the 6 of us.

Disney Springs has many places to eat and shop.  There is an ATM cupcake, a dinosaur themed restaurant, street entertainment, like the gold statues, and a music DJ

We did a bit of shopping and had to get some pictures at the Lego store.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast at the hotel, had to start the day with Mickey waffles, and then headed to Animal Kingdom.  This was the first time the Searle family had been to Disney World and we only had 3 days, so we wanted to see as much as possible.

First stop was the Safari.  It doesn’t matter how many times you have been on this ride, it will always be different, as you never know what animals you will see.

We did Everest and It’s a Bug’s Life. Along the way we did the Wilderness Explorer badges.  You can get the book near the front gate.

We next headed to the Rapids.  We had brought along inexpensive ponchos so we didn’t get wet.

On our way out of Animal Kingdom we happened upon Briar Fox, Briar Rabbit, and Briar Bear from Splash Mountain.  This is rare and Jerie was very excited to get their pictures.

We headed towards Epcot but made a quick stop at McDonalds.  If you are park-hopping, this is a great way to save some money as it is less expensive than eating in the parks.  Plus we had some gift cards leftover from a Christmas present so it didn’t cost us anything to eat.

At Epcot, it was the last day of the Food Festival, so enjoyed some culinary delights, built our car at the Test Track, tasted the flavors of Coke around the world, and enjoyed the sights.

It was getting dark, we took our last look at Epcot and jumped on the monorail to Magic Kingdom.  We wanted to do a few rides and watch the fireworks.


It had been a long day, but Thursday was filled with many new adventures.  We had a character breakfast at the Floridian resort, tickets to the Christmas taping with Julianne Hough, and of course Mickey’s Christmas party.   The morning didn’t go quite as planned…

Jim slipped in the shower and split his lip.  We dropped Jerie and the Searle family off at  breakfast while we headed to the clinic for stitches.  To make a long story short, not impressed with the medical care in Orlando.  They wouldn’t stitch his lip unless we went to a surgical center and had a plastic surgeon do it, so we headed back to the hotel and steri-stripped his lip.  We always carry a small first-aid kit that has everything we would need in an emergency, and this was an emergency.  It cost us about 100 in supplies and a prescription for an anti-biotic.  Saved us 8000 in what they wanted to charge.  Not advising to follow this same path, but we did not have the time needed, as they wanted us to stay extra days.  After Jim took a short nap we headed to Mickey’s Christmas Party.  Unfortunately we missed the character breakfast and show, but we were told that they were really fun. Jim looked a bit like Mario with his black bandages.

We had a great view of the sunset as we headed on the boat to Magic Kingdom.  Obviously, Jim needs his lip split more often as he scored almost 900,000 points at Buzz Lightyear. At the Christmas party, they served a variety of cookies, along with hot chocolate and hot cider.  They also had a variety of Christmas themed treats for sale.  This is also an opportunity to meet the Princes.  We met Cinderella who was accompanied by Prince Charming.  In a future post, we will have a bunch of character meet and greet pictures.

Brian was a big fan of the Teacup ride.  Santa was in the special Christmas parade and Jerie was happy to sit and wait for the special Christmas party fireworks and castle light show

On Friday, we flew back to SLC.  We are not BYU fans, but they had tickets for $13.50 as a fund-raiser for the Boy Scouts, so we enjoyed the game, good food, and nice weather in Provo, Utah. We also watched Cosmo the Cougar, set the world record for the most back hand-springs in a minute by a mascot.

This adventure was fun and memorable to say the least.

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