How to Enjoy Disney World in 2 Days (Animal Kingdom/Epcot)

We started our Day 2 of our Disney Adventure at Animal Kingdom.  For our adventures in Magic Kingdom, check out this post.

We had fast passes for Kilimanjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids, and Expedition Everest.  We had a bit of time before our first fast pass so stopped at the Tree of Life and watched A Bug’s


Life.  We then headed to the Safari.  So glad we had a Fast Pass as the stand-by line was very long.  There were a few animals moving around, but it was very hot and humid so most were in the shade.

Next we headed to Expedition Everest.  We were early for our Fast Pass and the Stand-by Line was only 20 minutes long.  The advantage to taking the Stand-By line is you walk thru the exhibit and rooms about the Himalayas and the Yeti.  There is a sign that states it is up to you to decide.  Some of the information is true but some of the exhibits are just for the experience.

We checked out the Wilderness Explorer program.  Disney now has the booth to pick-up your stamp book near the front entrance.  This is a fun program to do.  There are booths set-up all over the park, where you learn about different cultures around the world as well as animals and insects.  You can also meet Dug and Russell and learn the Wilderness Explorer call.  We had a Fast Pass for the Kali River Rapids, but since we had got so wet from the rain the night before, we didn’t want to get wet to start the day.  We cancelled our Fast Pass, which allowed us to make Fast Passes for Epcot.  We left the park to drive to Epcot.  We could have taken Disney’s transportation and left our car at Animal Kingdom, but then we would have to come back to get it.  An advantage of having a Disney employee with you, is they show their badge and you get parking for free.  This saved us $60.00 since we visited 3 parks.

On our way to Epcot, we stopped at McDonald’s for a quick lunch.  This was less expensive than eating in the park.  I would not suggest leaving the park just to get lunch, but since we were park hopping, it is a good money saver.  After lunch we headed to Epcot, where it was the first day of the International Food and Wine Festival.


We had Fast Passes to Test Track and Soarin’.  If you haven’t been to Epcot in a while, the Test Track is completely different from what it used to be.


You have the opportunity to design your own car.  You don’t get much time to make your choices, so our cars had some interesting features.

You then ride in a car and you are “testing” your design.  As you exit the ride you are given your vehicles score.  You also have the opportunity to make a commercial for your car and you could also race your car on a virtual track.

Our Fast Pass for Soarin’ was not for several hours, so we headed toward the Festival.  We do not drink but we like to eat.  There were usually 3 food choices at each country’s booth.  Most were around $5.00.  We shared 8 food samples from 8 different countries.  You are given a booklet with the different samples listed.  There are also stickers that you can place next to the sample so you know what you tried.  Our favorite was the Chew Collective.

We decided to buy game cards for Find Remy (from Ratatouille).  A statue of Remy is hidden in each country.  On your game card there are stickers of Remy holding different food items, such as carrots.  We were not very good at this game but it was a lot of fun.  When you have completed your card, you will receive a limited edition 2016 Remy pin

It was time for our Fast Pass to Soarin’  This is different as it used to be California Soarin’. You now “soar” around the world.

The Illuminations: Reflections of Earth firework show did not disappoint.

It was another Magical Day at Disney


It was helpful that we stayed at Disney Resort, as this allowed our Magic Bands to be tied to our credit card for purchases made in the parks.  This was especially helpful at the Food Festival so we didn’t have to make numerous credit card transaction or carry a lot of cash.

It was a very quick trip, exhausting but exciting.

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