How to Enjoy Disney World in 2 Days (Magic Kingdom)

This fall our youngest daughter is working in the Disney college program.  She called and said that she had free park tickets.  We looked at our schedule and decided that with a bit of juggling, we could fly to Florida and be Disney Nerds for a couple of days.  We booked a flight with Southwest using our reward points and companion pass, $22.00 total.  Next, we looked at Disney’s accommodation website.  They were running a Back to School Special, so we booked in the economy tier at the All-Star Sports Resort.  It was $78.00 a night not including tax, but did include Magic Bands.  Next we looked at what we wanted to do.  Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party was going on one of the nights and the start of the International Food and Wine Festival was at Epcot.  The food festival does not require an additional ticket but the Halloween Party did.  Our daughter was able to get discounted tickets to the party.  Since we were only doing Disney parks, we debated not getting a rental car and just using their transportation, but we found a rental car for $9 a day.  This would give us a bit of flexibility as our daughter does not have a vehicle with her.  So we were set.

We drove to Salt Lake City to catch our flight.  What was to be a short stop in Denver, turned into a delay due to a mechanical issue.  Knowing we would now not get into Orlando until after 2:00am, we were glad we reserved a rental car.  As we drove to the resort, we were the only car on the Florida Turnpike except for 2 police cars.Needless to say we made good time.  We got to the resort, at 3:00am, received instructions to our room.  We were told we were in the blue and gold building with the bull horns out-front.  Now being from the West, we wandered that resort for 35 minutes, repeatedly walking around our assigned complex looking for bull horns, ones that you would see on a steer.  To us, rodeo, is a sport so it wasn’t a stretch to see that in a sports themed resort.  Just as we were about to go back to the front desk, we realized that bullhorns in Florida are what we call megaphones in Idaho.  After a good laugh, and another look at the map, we found our room.  We got to sleep at 4:30am and our daughter was coming at 9:00am…so much for beauty sleep.  On our way out, and with the benefit of daylight, we looked over our resort.  It has very appropriate styling for the Sports theme.

Since Mickey’s Party was on Tuesday night we decided to use our 1 day, 1 Park pass-1 Day pass in the Magic Kingdom.  Our daughter had already arranged for some Fast Passes.  We arrived at the park around 10:30am.

We started the day at Splash Mountain.  We had the front of the ride.

Not quite sure what happened, but we seemed to get very wet, more than we realized we would…20160913_115832

Next we headed to the Tiki Room.  This is one of our favorite attractions, you can’t help but sing along.20160913_123710

Being September, and with a threat of rain, the park was not crowded.  We waited no longer than 15 minutes at any ride, even if we didn’t have a Fast Pass.

Our daughter works at the Jungle Cruise, but with this being her day off, she opted for just a picture.


We have been to Disney World several times but learned some new things.  You can get free ice water at any place in the park that serves fountain drinks and that there are outlets in Fantasyland where if you need to, you can charge a phone.

We continued our rides at Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Buzz Light Year.


We had packed snacks with us, but knowing we would be at the park late, we opted to have a late lunch.  We ate at Columbia Harbor House.  It was very filling and good.  The pot pie was excellent.  We then headed to the castle for the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Also at various times, throughout the day Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fair is preformed on the stage in front of the castle.  It was really entertaining but it was extremely hot and humid.

So we headed to Tomorrowland to cool off at Space Mountain.  We also were able to obtain our Halloween wrist bands.

The rain clouds were getting closer

so we opted for a trip to the Haunted Mansion.

At 7:00pm the Halloween Party started.  People were in awesome costumes, lots of Wildreness Explorers, Incredibles, princesses, and even a big bad wolf.  The candy stations were open.  We only went to 7.  If you went to all of them, you would need a stroller just to carry your candy.  You were given a bag to carry the candy, but they were handing out huge handfuls.  You can obtain an allergy-friendly candy bag from guest services if needed.

One of the draws of the Halloween Party is the Character Meet and Greets. Due to the rain, many of these were postponed or canceled, but we were able to meet Ariel, Jack Sparrow, the Seven Dwarfs, Aurora, and Cinderella.

We took advantage of a lull in the rain and went on the Tea Cups.

There was a Hocus Pocus show on the castle stage, as well as a Halloween themed light show and fireworks, and a Boo-To-You night parade.

Our daughter had bought an item in the park, we walked to catch the ferry boat to the parking lot, realized that the purchase was not working, went to go back into the park.  After Magic Kingdom closes, you can not re-enter the park without a sheriff deputy escort.  This is a good thing to know, make sure you have everything, all questions answered and all merchandise is working. So after our escort, our questions answered, we headed toward the exit.

It was an exciting but exhausting day. We left the park at 1:30am and yes….

20160914_013452we were one of the last cars in the parking lot.  It was truly a Magical Day, but in less than 7 hours we would start on Day 2 of our Disney Adventure.

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