So what is a BAM???

We were a young married couple, expecting our 4th child, when a friend of our family, died suddenly of a heart attack.  As we sat in her funeral and listened to her many adventures, we realized that life was passing us by.  We needed to have our own adventure, to live life, not just exist.  So we decided that from that day we would live to travel, have fun, and build memories.  Cindy’s mom came up with BAM.  She told us that we should always “Build A Memory” in every adventure that we had.  So began our travels.  We have tented across the Mid-West, hiked in the mountains, slept in the back of a pick-up, cruised in the Mediterranean, white-water rafted down the Salmon River, zip-lined in Hawaii, snorkeled in the Virgin Islands, etc…

We are now starting with the 3rd generation of travelers, our 6 year old grand daughter has already been to over 20 states. We are not millionaires by any means.  We have had to find innovative ways to save money to see and experience the adventures that we have experienced.  In May 2016,  we left on a 5 week adventure to Europe,  17 countries in 35 days, all booked and organized by us, without a travel agent.  We were constantly  getting the question, “how did you do that?”  So on a train from Zurich to Barcelona, the idea of BAM Adventure Tours blog was born.

We want to help people travel on any budget, at any level of adventure, and to give helpful tips to Build A Memory.   We will be sharing our past travel adventures with helpful info.  We will share money saving ideas plus ways that you can “organize your life so that you can have a life”.  We are excited to share some of the things we have learned along the way.  We hope you will join us on our BAM experiences and that it might just inspire you to do a bit of BAMming of your own.